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Sage 50 Product and Account Code Changer

Have you ever wished that you could change a Sales or Purchase Ledger account code or a Product code ? Well you can now with the Sage 50 Product and Account Code Changer. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Nominal Account Code Changer

Similar to above but for nominal accounts. Should only be used by experienced Sage 50 users with accounting knowledge.
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Sage 50 BOM Tools

This program is a collection of tools to assist with managing BOMs (Bills Of Materials) in Sage 50 Accounts. It includes a function that will disassemble a BOM assembly back to it's original components. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Back to Back Ordering

This program will create matching Purchase Orders from Sales Invoices or Invoices. It is designed for companies whose suppliers deliver direct to the customer. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Subscriptions

This program will generate Sales Invoices, Quotes or Pro Formas at regular intervals and for multiple Customers. It is ideal for charging membership fees, trade subscriptions, service contracts or any other repeating charge. Unlike Sage 50's recurring invoice facility, you do not have to maintain a separate memorised invoice record for each Customer. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Multi Location Stock Tools

This program will make it easier to use Sage 50 to manage stock in multiple warehouses or locations. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Stock Split

This program is ideal for splitting a box of stock into individual items. It will allow you to transfer stock from one stock code and create multiple new items under another stock code. A typical example would be a wine merchant who has one stock code for a case of a particular wine and another that represents a single bottle. When a case is taken from the cellar and the bottles are put out on the shelves, this program will take one case out of stock in Sage 50 and adjust in the appropriate number of bottles. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Sales Price Updater

This program will update the Sales Price of your Products by applying a Category based mark-up to the Cost Price. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Credit Note Creator

This program will create Credit Notes from Invoices. It contains a mechanism to ensure that the same products are not credited more than once.

  • Tick a box to credit the whole remaining invoice in one fell swoop.
  • Alternatively enter individual quantities to be credited against each invoice line.

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Sage 50 Stock Transaction Editor

Get rid of those annoying profit errors in your reports. This program will allow the user to edit the Cost and Sales Prices in any Stock Transaction. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Adjustments In

This program will allow you to enter Inwards Stock Adjustments in a fast and convenient manner.
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Sage 50 Find Duplicate Purchase Invoices New

This program will find duplicate Purchase Invoices. Click here for more information

Sage 50 Document Explosion

This program will examine Sales Order, Purchase Order and Invoice records and insert a BOM explosion below each Assembly.
Click here for more information

Sage 50 Payment Allocation

Automatically allocate payments on account and credit notes to invoices. Click here for more information.

Sage 50 Product Duplicator

This program will allow the user to create new Sage 50 product records by copying a template product. It is ideal for creating bespoke products that are based on an assembly of standard components and sub-assemblies.
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Adept Tax

Do you need to fill in a Latvian PVN return ? French TVA, Italian IVA, Canadian GST, Australian BAS or Indian VAT giving you a headache ?
Click here for more information.

Sage 50 Retail Prices New

This program will correct rounding errors in your Product Invoices so they correctly reflect your VAT inclusive Retail Prices.
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Sage 50 Viewers

These programs are ideal accessories to Sage 50 or Instant Click here for more information.
















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