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Vehicle Trader
£250 per year licence includes; full support ; all upgrades ; optional integration with Sage ; unlimited users
Vehicle Stock, Associate other costs to vehicles, , Invoicing, Multiple PX, Margin Scheme VAT. Many reports.
Have a free on-line demo and/or a free evaluation copy.
Developed originally for an existing customer; now with over 200 installed sites.
Now customisable; Change field names to suit other industries using margin Scheme.
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VT requires a Windows operationg system

This software was originally designed to meet the needs of the small trader in new and/or used Vehicles.
Continual development of functions requested by users over an 8 year period has made it suitable also for larger organisations.
Customers range from one man traders to multi million pound turnover businesses with 6 users, and accountants using the multi-client version to provide a service to their clients.  But it remains simple to use out of the box and at it’s very low cost. There is a customisable function so that field names can be changed.

It is designed specifically to integrate seamlessly with Sage 50, but can be used stand-alone with files produced for import to Sage or other accounts. The link to Sage is fully dynamic e.g. optionally on saving a sale, the new customer and sales invoice are instantly posted to Sage.

It provides a means of recording Vehicle Stock, Purchases and Sales of vehicles including recording Part Exchange, Sale or Return, calculating VAT using the Margin Scheme where appropriate, directly updating Sage Accounts with new Accounts and with Purchase and Sales Invoices, and Printing Invoices which include Used Vehicle Declaration. Addition of RFL, HP Settlements, Due from Finance, and Deposits Taken are all catered for. Supplier invoices for works, and internal costs, can also be recorded against the vehicles. Appropriate reports are produced.  Using information from this system and from Sage accounts obviates the need to maintain the hand written book that many traders purchase and use for the second hand vehicles.  This stock book is replicated by a report from VT.

See full list of functions below.

Full Function List:

  • Seamless dynamic  link to Sage or alternatively a transaction file will be produced for importing to Sage or other packages.
  • Customisable field names so is suitable for other Margin Scheme Traders, or just different information.
  • Opening Stock mode.
  • Enter new purchase.
    • VRM lookup available, so vehicle is verified and many details such as chassis number auto entered.
    • Key information such as Make, Model, Odometer, First Registration, Identifying Codes, Extras, whether New/Used Car/Commercial, MOT Expiry etc.
    • Supplier entered by a lookup of existing suppliers within VT or in Sage or entering a new supplier that can then be instantly sent through to update Sage, or a single Sage account can be used.
    • Purchase price with or without VAT: Margin Scheme or not.
    • Last registered user.
    • Intended selling price.
    • Stock value defaults to purchase price but is amendable.
    • Purchase invoice details are posted through to Sage or exported.
    • A purchase invoice can be printed for purchases from non-commercial suppliers.
    • The purchase document can be printed as an order and subsequently as an invoice.
    • A single invoice with multiple vehicles can be posted (when buying from auction for example).
  • Invoices for additional works (valeting, repairs etc.) can be entered so that full cost of vehicle is known. These can be posted to accounts and multiple vehicle works can be entered on a single invoice.  Additional works can be entered without reference to a specific vehicle and either left as such or subsequently allocated to vehicles.
  • Internal costs can be entered as memorandum.
  • Finance settlement catered for.
  • All vehicles appear in a Stock List, which can be viewed on screen or printed.
  • All the details entered at purchase can be viewed or edited (except details already posted to the Accounts).
  • A Stock Vehicle form can be printed suitable for handing to prospective buyers, this can include a picture.
  • Sale or Returns can be entered and converted to purchases
  • Stock valuation reports as at any date can be produced.
  • Various purchase and stock reports available.


  • Enter Reserve or Order.
    • Vehicles can be reserved with deposit noted.  Vehicles can be placed on order and an Order Form printed for signature by the purchaser.  Receipt for deposit can be printed. The order can be converted to a sale.
  • Enter sale.
    • By highlighting a stock vehicle, and selecting “Sell”, additional information relating to a sale can be made
    • Customer is entered via a lookup from Sage Accounts or internal list, or new customer is sent to Sage, or name and address of new customer entered for use on invoice, but single account used in Sage.
    • Invoiced To can be different from customer. E.g. Finance house.
    • Accessories or extras can be detailed.
    • Part Exchange vehicles can be entered (including multiple PX’s) that then updates as per purchases.
    • Finance settlements on PX’s are catered for.
    • RFL Months and price entered.
    • Registration fee for new vehicles
    • Warranty Sale and costs. VAT optionally added to Warranty sales.
    • Credit Card fee
  • The VAT is calculated including using the Margin Scheme where appropriate. 
  • An invoice is printed.
  • The invoice can be printed to letter heading or by entering details in set-up and a logo the invoice can then be printed to plain paper.  There is a selection of invoice templates (all created from invoices in use by current users). We can modify an invoice to individual needs including trade logos.
  • Accounts are updated.
  • Sale can be cancelled with a credit note posted and the vehicle retuned to stock.
  • Sales of SOR vehicles with transactions going to sponsors accounts and Part Exchanges can be treated as traders PX or Sponsors PX.
  • A VAT report can be viewed or printed for any date range.  There are numerous other reports for Stock, Sales, Margins etc.
  • A report which replicates the standard manual Stock Book but only for sales in a given period and with totals is available.
  • Any additional report required can usually be supplied.
  • A number of utilities and options; backup, password protection, Change reg. No., Search, Etc.

Price is £250 per year to include all upgrades, full support, multi user and integration with Sage.

Accountants who have customers using the software can be provided with a free copy to enable them to carry out part of the process in their office.
Accountants alternatively can acquire a multi-client copy for offering a service of carrying out the process for their clients.

A development programme driven by user requests ensures a continuously improving product.
Call or E-mail (or click "Evaluation" above), for a FREE fully functioning time limited evaluation copy. This can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes. An online demonstration can be provided.




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