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bbsol, established over 30 years, specialised in providing integrated solutions built around
Sage software but now concentrate on their own product Margin Scheme Trader / Vehicle Trader.

In the most recent customer satisfaction survey commissioned by Sage the majority of bbsol customers responding scored us 9 or 10 out of 10
This placed us in the top 25 of Sage's 1500 Business Partners and Accountant Partners (Resellers) Nationwide.

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  Vehicle Trader Manages Vehicle Stock, Invoicing, Margin Scheme VAT, for used vehicle dealers: Our own Product.
  Margin Scheme Trader Stock, Invoicing, Margin Scheme VAT, used goods and other margin scheme dealers: Our own Product.
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bbsol incorporates
bbsol Ltd., and Multiquest Ltd. with offices in Portsmouth and Southampton.

Vehicle trading and margin scheme trading software

Dealer Management System DMS

Dragon2000 users migrate to VT to reduce expense